Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses effective learning environment of classroom.

Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses effective learning environment of classroom. However, previous efforts by educators to integrate new technologies into educational practices have typically fallen short of lofty expectations. Likewise, a myriad of reform efforts, in general, appear to have been met with resistance by teachers and other school stakeholders.

Recent reform efforts have emphasized reflective, continuous processes that see schools redefined as learning organizations (Bennett, 20) and that involve a variety of stakeholders in the school and local community including students, parents, educators, and local leaders. An important aspect of these processes is the identification of core perceptions held by those involved. In the foreword to Teaching with Technology Becker (2005) argued that curriculum reform required of both teachers and students a reconceptualization of their respective roles in the learning environment, a difficult process at best. As reformers bring other stakeholders into the mix, identifying attitudes and perceptions about teaching and learning may become even more critical. And although teacher perceptions about education-related matters have been studied (Becker, 386), little is known about the perception systems of other stakeholders. Our study examines perceptions about the classroom learning environment held by teachers and explores some important issues related to these perceptions.

To be able to make a child understand something is an amazing task. When you see something occur, it makes it so much easier to understand. To read an article about a horrible car crash is one thing. But to be at the scene of the accident is another story altogether. The crash will have a major impact on witnesses because they were there and they saw how it happened. The same is true for education too. Learning will have a deeper impact on students if they experience it first hand.

The use of computers in schools has been linked to a shift from traditional, didactic educational practices to more student-centered.