Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses doritos super bowl commercial campaign.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses doritos super bowl commercial campaign. The Doritos’ Super Bowl campaign gives insights on what innovative organizations can do to make their marketing more effective and capture the attention of consumers in the market. Designed by Frito-Lay, the campaign is an online competition run annually, which gives consumers the chance to create their Doritos advertisements and the best aired in the Super Bowl. The contest is the largest online video competition globally, and undoubtedly, one of the most successful in its caliber according to last year’s YouTube impressions. Owing to the fact that the results justify the means used, it is evident that Doritos’ marketing techniques are the cause of this profound success, some of which are analyzed in this paper. The context of participatory marketing in Doritos Chief marketing Officer at Frito-Lay, Ann Mukherjee clearly postulates that participatory marketing is the future of contemporary marketing. She notes that the success behind the idea of Super Bowl lies within the recognition of the upcoming branding trends, where the consumers are actively involved in the branding process by the company. As a key strategy, Frito Lay recognizes the great impact that active participation contributes to modern marketing, attributing to the fact that people are not just passive recipients of information, but active contributors in the production and distribution of brands and their contents in their various kinds (Boone, and Kurtz 56). The campaign relays useful techniques that underlie consumer-generated content advertising, which makes the consumers virtually own the brands and remain loyal to the brands that they have helped to build and this fact has continually improved the sales of the company. From the graph and table below, the introduction of the Crush Super Bowl contest in January 2012 had a tremendous effect on the sales in that month. In this respect, participatory marketing strategies are very effective and according to Doritos, an immediate effect on the popularity of the brands. The period that preceded the ad contest also experienced customer response due to the anticipation that the advertisements of the contest had on the consumers. The data showing the percentage increase in sales due to the 2012 contest is shown below. Time 26th Dec 2011 26th Jan 2012 29th Feb. 2012 28th Mar 2012 Percentage increase 6.2 % 7.9 % 5.8 % 5.2 % Consumer inclusive approaches to marketing, according to research prove the most lucrative and successful of trends, making it an irresistible package for modern marketers. In perspective, the success of the campaign is often attributed to the way in which Frito-Lay tracks and evaluates performance of the competition. Since the launch of the campaign, Frito-Lay has continued to test the media value of the competition, online pass-along measures as well as the brand equity. (Hines, and Bruce 44) further recommends the growth of the above measures with time to correspond with the market conditions and continued changes in tastes and preferences of the consumers. Trusting consumers of information In addition, Frito-Lay works on the principle that the consumer is the best source of information on what the market needs (Tadajewski and Brownlie 92). The campaign has achieved much since its inception because Frito-Lay trusts their consumers.