Create a 16 pages page paper that discusses strategic management of dl limited.

Create a 16 pages page paper that discusses strategic management of dl limited. The researcher states that the term ‘strategy’ is defined as the plan or the action of the organisations designed to achieve the vission of an organisation. It is performed with the help of all available organisational resources at efficient and effective manner so as to attain the objectives of the organisation. Strategies are developed or planned in order to enhance the strength of an organisation thereby reducing the potencies of the competiting firms. Thus, strategies might be of varied types such as corporate, businessunit and operational approaches among others. Strategy facilitates in augmentation of the sustianability and corporate image of an organisation in the long run among other competitors. Therefore, proper examination, selection and execution of a strategy are basic constitents of strategic management. Strategic management is odten referred as a term that deals with projected and evolving initiatives taken to augment the performance of firms in the markets. It involves identification of the organisation’s mission, vision and goals, policies and plans, intended to accomplish the future objectives thereby utilising the avalilable resources in an efficient manner. Strategic management is a continuous procedure of developement of strategies and policies that facilitates to compete with the existing rivals in the market thereby ensuring the market share and the brand distinctiveness among others in the market.