Compose a 750 words assignment on art and humanities

Compose a 750 words assignment on art and humanities. Needs to be plagiarism free! Project Unit 9 Art and Humanities Affiliation with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact. Project Unit 9 Art and Humanities The aim of this work is to present discussion about a time capsule which is mainly designed for the future generations to come in order to provide them an overview of the Twentieth (C20th) and the early twenty first (C21st) century. This includes a letter of introduction, an example of morality in current culture, definition of happiness according to the writer and examples of significant literary works, art, songs, films and a popular item from this present era. A letter of introduction – The C20th and the beginning of C21st saw a series of events like boom and bane phases in the economy, a series of wars especially two world wars and creation of peace in Asian countries like Afghanistan etc. As a US citizen my habits, customs have been as that of a true American citizen. As a professional in a bank my work has taken different turns with the significant changes in the US economy like that of the recession, the rising inflation and the unemployment in my surroundings. Talking about my daily life it is almost the same monotonous routine which I follow from wake up in the morning, going for work and rearing my family. Weekends are different with fun and frolic with friends and relatives. My feelings about the present time is that now the world is the best place to live in as compared to the previous centuries with vast developments especially in science and technology, which has made our life very easy and comfortable. My dream of future is of a peaceful world with fewer wars and less destruction to mankind. Morality is the source of social harmony because it ought to present how people relate to each other and the whole mankind. The societal arrangements, society norms and cultural practices play an important role in developing the morality that is seen in people. Morality and decision making in the current culture have been witnessed a series of events but the most popular is the resolving of gender differences which had existed during the past centuries and treating females as almost equivalent to males. The C20th and the early C21st have seen a rise in the development of women and women are being provided almost equal opportunities and responsibilities in work as well as in family life. “Through at least the first half of the (C20th) century, psychological explanations of morality were most often based on the ideas of character, habits and conscience” (Turiel, 2002, p. 95). Happiness simply implies being happy and there is no adequate definition to provide for it other than a feeling which brings enthusiasm and delight in one’s life and allows him to forget his worries and have a hefty laugh. “Happiness is the continued feeling or state of delight, contentment and joy emanating from the permanent sense of self goodness, goodness of life and goodness of man’s destiny” (Masri & Adam, n.d.). Peace in the world with less natural calamities is the most important thing which makes me happy. Other than that I am happy when I get fame in society, when I attain educational achievements, rank and position in society along with wealth which can buy for me all the latest technologies needed to make life simple. There have been a number of famous creative works like Midnight’s Children, The Lord of rings, Ulysses etc. and Shakespeare’s plays. But my favorite is ‘Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.’ I love this book because this book is a semi biographical novel and I love such novels which also provide a little detail about the life of the author. ‘Orlando’ was published in 1928 and a film has been based on this novel in the year 1992. This novel is highly influential because of the style of writing used especially when describing a women and the author was one of the most famous writers whose name has to be remembered in the years to come. New York’s Chrysler building is the most excellent piece of architecture that I love. It is the most excellent for both of its art as well as architecture and was also considered as the world’s tallest building at one point of time. The design, construction will be an attraction for all the times to be come and thus will be remembered in future. (Destination, n.d.). The most significant part of the C20th songs was that there were strong lyrics. I love the song ‘Every night in my dreams…….’ By Celine Dion from the movie Titanic because of its touching lyrics. Through this song the movie will be remembered for centuries to come. My most significant film again is Titanic because of the storyline taken from literature where a most peaceful and enjoyable journey ended in a disaster. The whole film i.e. direction, production and edition has been done by James Cameroon. Because of its utility, the mobile phones, invented in 1977 are the most popular gadgets and are the best invention without which one cannot imagine life to be moving in this era. A number of technological innovations are being made to further increase the utility of the mobile phones like their access to use web and the internet. Reference List Destination, (n.d.). Retrieved January 11, 2012, from Masri, G. A. & Adam, N. J. (n.d.). The Way to Happiness. Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance. Retrieved January 11, 2012, from Turiel, E. (2002). The Culture of Morality: Social Development, Context and Conflict. The Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge. Retrieved January 11, 2012, from