Compose a 4500 words assignment on internation disputes

Compose a 4500 words assignment on internation disputes. Needs to be plagiarism free! This essay will include elaborate details of the topic along with a discussion on settlement and the role of mediation for settling disputes. A critical analysis of the significance of the entire process supported by structured examples will also be discussed. The applicability of the concept takes place on the individuals, state level and regional and international level for resolving conflicts. In other words, the concept is applicable in resolving the conflicts amongst the individuals, independently amongst the states or regions of a country or amongst different countries functioning on the face of the earth. This concept is used by the regulators under the light of laws and legislation so that the problems can be resolved and a consensus can be formed between the aggrieved parties. Under this concept, several examples can be found which shows various peace treaties which have taken place between the nations. Examples of such treaties are Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Iran, Pakistan, Argentina, Chile etc. Nearly all countries have been under treaties for resolving the issues and finding methods for resolving issues which arise internally. There are two methods using which the conflicts are resolved. One is the direct method and other is the indirect method. Both methods are applied after understanding and analyzing the complexities of the situations. Different methods have been proposed for resolving the conflicts along with different settlement methods3. Different methods will be discussed and analyzed as per the changing and varying situations as they arise. DEFINING INTERNATIONAL DISPUTES The concept of international disputes highlights the fact that the problems which arise between the nations must be resolved. This will ensure progress and stability in the entire environment and bind the nations in complying with the set standards4. “International disputes can be defined as a disagreement which arises between the states and impacts on the relations maintained between the states.5” The contemporary international law forbids the nations from the use of force or threats and impacts on the relation between the states. There are organizations which ensure that the conflicts and the disputes amongst the nations are resolved in a peaceful manner6. This can be settled on the basis of accords developed between the states. The principle of the state is managed, and resolutions are proposed using the UN charters, Pact of the Arab League, the Charter of the Organization of African Unity and the declarations proposed on the Principles of International Laws which are concerned directly with the friendly relations amongst the states. All these propositions are made in the light of the UN charter. Understanding this fact it can be concluded that United Nations plays a significantly prominent role in resolving conflicts. The international law does not provide precise methods for resolution of disputes. This is because the solution which is provided shall vary with the upcoming issues. The propositions for resolving the conflicts in the UN charter suggest negotiation, inquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement and setup an environment for proposing the issues which arise. The peaceful methods for resolving the international disputes include various methods include investigation and commissioning of the factors which have led to this problem.