Compose a 2250 words assignment on political and economic development in east asian countries

Compose a 2250 words assignment on political and economic development in east asian countries. Needs to be plagiarism free! East Asia culture and politics was also described by Huntington as fundamentally different from one another. Huntington (pp. 417) enumerates that the cultural characteristics of people differ markedly, and with them their abilities at developing political institutions. The potential for building political institutions is also different for various societies. however in most institutions political organizations can actually be built based on the slow interaction of existing cultures. East Asian politics is mostly unipolar because it is focused on one center – which may be a personal ruler, a monolithic party, or a coalition of political, bureaucratic, and economic elite (Kim, p. 54). This unipolar system came about because of the national survival and development that these nations had to undertake in the face of Western colonialism and the political tension during the Cold War era (Kim, pp. 54-55). Years of colonialism called for a monolithic and unipolar political rule and this power was supported by a Communist or nationalist party seen in Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, and China. It was also fueled by the military-ideological face-off which came about as a result of the Cold War, as were seen in the case of Japan and South Korea (Kim, p. 55). After the Second World War, these countries were wary of possible security threats, and so with single-minded determination they sought different strategies for survival. The influence of Russia and the United States was especially crucial in the development of such unipolar regimes in East Asia during the Cold War. Russian and US influence was especially crucial in North and South Korea and the two Chinas (Kim, p. 56). The smaller nations of North and South Korea became more vulnerable to foreign influence, as compared to the China, the bigger nation. North Korea became vulnerable to&nbsp.Soviet occupation after World War II. and this accounts for its present communist and authoritarian rule.