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Compose a 2000 words assignment on stabilization wedges game. Needs to be plagiarism free! The predicted impacts may also include the loss of the West Atlantic Ice expanse and the possibility of the unbounded increase in the incidence of category-five hurricanes. The effect of injecting carbon dioxide and other gases into the earth’s atmosphere – results in changes in the climate. This takes place, through the effect of sunlight passed onto the earth’s atmosphere, which results to the warming of the planet – as these gases hinder the transmission of the accumulated heat into outer space. This phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect, which results, most times, from the burning of fossil fuels – which are mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen. As a result, the consequence is the injection of more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As the situation is, the Earth’s atmosphere contains an approximate amount of 800 billion tons of Carbon in the form of Carbon dioxide. From the burning of fossil fuels, the carbon dioxide produced injects an extra 7 billion tons of Carbon into the universe every year. The accumulated carbon dioxide is removed from the universe through two main ways, these including that taken up by growing forests and that which is dissolved into the surface of the ocean. Unfortunately, these two channels are only, able to remove half the Carbon emitted into the atmosphere leaving the other half accumulating at an approximated rate of 4 billion tons every year. This, typically, means that the accumulated amount of carbon in the universe is increasing year after year (Socolow, Stephen & Jeffery 10).

The injection of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere started at the onset of the industrial revolution. This can be proved from the figures – indicating that before the onset of the industrial revolution, the atmosphere contained approximately, 600 billion tons of carbon, which are 200 billion tons less than the presently accumulated amount.&nbsp.&nbsp.