Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Links between Poverty and Poor Health in Australia.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Links between Poverty and Poor Health in Australia. Historically, the aborigines have been considered by the government as fit only for menial labor. they are considered uneducated and capable of learning only basic education. As a result of these precepts, these aborigines have become very dependent on the government. At some point, the government decided that the aborigines had to be “protected because they are unable to care for themselves or until they measure up to [our] civilization” (Eckerman,, 1992). This decidedly spelled the doom for the aborigines who were not able to improve their situation through better education and better jobs. And with limited resources and dependence on government rations, health problems were bound to follow.

Before the Second World War, health rations for the aborigines were limited to tea, flour, sugar, and salt beef. These rations did not promote good health to these natives. Only after the Second World War were the rations improved and attention to the deplorable conditions of the aborigines was brought to the spotlight. This attention did little to improve the conditions of the aborigines who suffered from a variety of illnesses and other health problems. Information gathered of aboriginal conditions from the 1980s to the early 90s revealed that aboriginal infant mortality is at least twice as high compared to non-aboriginal non-aboriginal people. the leading causes of death for aborigines are circulatory diseases, respiratory diseases, and infective/parasitic diseases. Leprosy cases increased among aborigines despite the fact that the disease is almost non-existent among non-aborigines. the cases of TB, diabetes, and hepatitis B also rose among the natives. and alcohol and drug abuses were prevalent in their population (Eckerman,, 1992).&nbsp. Health experts claim that these problems are a result of the aborigines’ “dispossession, their marginalization, and the creation of their dependence on various government and welfare services” (Eckerman,, 1992).&nbsp. The health problems mentioned above are problems that could have been prevented through proper maintenance and quality health services.&nbsp. Vaccinations for Hepatitis B can limit its prevalence in the community.&nbsp. And with proper health services, prenatal care, adequate diet, and vitamins for pregnant women, aboriginal infant mortality can be decreased.