Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Review and appraise public health policy and practice in the United Kingdom.

Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Review and appraise public health policy and practice in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom (UK), public health policy poses significant influence on the overall lifestyle and environment which affects the health of the people (Department of Health, 2012). Health services are characterised to be quite unequal in the UK and is extremely structured in relation to the social class. In the UK, ‘National Health Services’ (NHS) formulates policies in order to develop the facet of healthcare for the population. The report will describe the past and current policies on public healthcare. The objective of the report is to review and appraise the health policies and practices in the UK. Historical Progression of Public Health Policy and Practice in the UK The concept of public health defines the phenomenon which can be realised by mutual activities. Public health policy in the UK has great significance for the population in terms of inhibiting diseases, protecting lives and encouraging healthy activities through planned practices and up-to-date selections of culture, organisations and entities (Baggott, 2011). During the 19th century, the notion of public health was mainly related with the quality of food, water and air. With respect to diseases, public health was mostly concerned with transferable, deadly and painful reasons of death which was a result of complete poverty. However, in the 20th century, public health policy was adjusted to meet the challenges of new kinds of sicknesses associated with longevity, industrial development, disparities in health and ecological damage. The change in the public health policy was accompanied by the increasing conviction of people that several fundamental aspects could be cooperative towards the prevention of diseases through social, ecological or developmental changes. Nowadays, the apparent link between health care and disease has transformed over time. The traditional view of healthcare was observed in terms of exerting attempts to cure existing diseases or treatments of the outcomes of any diseases. However, modern view of healthcare is observed in the form of dealing with the aspects or reasons which results to any particular disease. Within the new structure of disease, new treatment leads to increased demands for public health policy (Exworthy & et. al., 2003).