Cash $14,600 Bonds, Totaling $(A)50,800 Composed of:

Cash $14,600

Bonds, Totaling $(A)50,800

Composed of:

Fully backed mortgage bonds $14,000

Municipal bonds $9100

US government bonds $27,700

Buildings and furniture $48,400

Deposit in the Fed $71,200

Loans, Totaling $157,460

Composed of:

Loans to businesses $52,200

Loans for homes $85,680

Non-home loans to consumers $12,750

Loans to other banks $6830


Total Assets    $342,460

Borrowings Totaling $49,850

Composed of:

Federal funds $38,650

Borrowings from the Fed $11,200

Deposits, Totaling $261,210

Composed of:

Checking deposits $234,000

Savings deposits $27,210

Equity $(C) 31,400


Total Liabilities and Net Worth $???

Bank income information

Interest income, bonds, $2600

Interest income, loans, $17,000

Other income $1100

Bank expense information

Wages and salaries $4000

Interest expense, deposits $9000

Interest expense, discount and federal funds loans $900

Other (non-interest) $4800

Dates of Note

November 21st, 2019: 40% of consumer non-mortgage loans will be repriced.

December 10th, 2019: 50% of discount loans will be repriced.

December 20th, 2020: 20% of total loans will be repriced.

Credit Information

20% of mortgages are more than 60 days past due.

Miscellaneous Bank Information

Banks must keep 10% of demand deposits as reserves.

The bank owes no taxes.

Question: Calculate the one-year repricing GAP ratio for Bank G. (Answer as a %)