Case Study Week In this case project, the current paradigm for cyber security is based on protection

Case Study Week

  1. In this case project, the current paradigm for cyber security is based on protection. Protection depends on identifying vulnerabilities and applying countermeasures to neutralize their effects. These are complex human-based activities whose results are uncertain and not capable of according 100assurance. While used with some effect for components, applications, and standalone system, the paradigm of protection is insufficient for ensuring system s, such as the nation’s critical infrastructure and DOS’s Global Information Grid. Explain how you would go about anticipating and avoiding the effects of adversity in solving this case project.
  2. This study has to do with a new generation of malware which has evaded existing cyber security products, which were engineered by highly skilled programmers and showed that traditional cyber security approaches are no longer sufficient for effective protection. Tasked with protecting highly sensitive data assets, government cyber security teams must defend against these threats on a daily basis. Explain how government cyber security teams would go about solving this new malware problem.

APA format is required. References should be listedimmediately after the case study and within your answer when required. All references should be from the years 2007 to present day. Your complete assignment should be three to four pages long.

There are two case studies and you should answer each study. Be sure to upload both studies under the one assignment tab.