case study HR “Human resources”

Assignment Purposes/Learning Outcomes:After completion of Assignment one students will able to understand the followingLO1: To understand the role of human resources within the organization.LO2: To differentiate between the major functions of Human Resources and their interdependency.Read the case given and answer the questions:Balm a well-known name in the chemical industry from past 50 years. It holds a good market share and is also involved in manufacturing various chemicals which are used in various industries like Consumer goods, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Leather and various other industries. Hence Balm having 2 big plants, namely Sleek and Geek, for the manufacturing of chemicals. Sleek being the parent plant and Geek being started 15 years back.Mohsin is a young, dynamic and committed employee in the accounts department of Geek plant. Mohsin is working with Balm Inc. from more than 6 years. He is an MBA finance graduate, with versatile knowledge in Finance. Moreover, his committed nature was never a question and known for that, almost in the entire plant. However Mohsin always looks forward for a transfer to the parent Plant Sleek as he feels he can get so much to learn there. Mohsin is applying for the same from last 3 years. Every time he use to wait eagerly for the transfer list which usually displayed on the first day of July every year.Eventually his name was not there in the list all the time. First two times he didn’t took it seriously and waited for another chance. Subsequently when his application was rejected for the third time he was absolutely disturbed.Finally he decided that it’s time to speak with the HR team. He took an appointment where in during the meeting Anas Head HR, Ms. Maryam head Finance both were present. Curious Mohsin directly started with the question “Why my name is not there in the transfer list”? “I want to know the reason for the rejection of my application”. Even though there is no difference in compensation and benefits he still always wanted to be there. Undoubtedly, both Anas and Maryam were shocked by the tone and reaction of Mohsin. Still they maintained the temper and tried to be cool. Maryam started “Mohsin, You are one of the best performing employee in the department. You and Eid, your own classmate, joined the organization together. Still you got many training and opportunity for various courses than him, can you deny the fact.”Mohsin, actually got understood that he is privileged still he maintained the furious anger and said, “Yes it very true, but the fact is he got transferred in his second application. Now he is in Sleek and I am still here.” Anas started, “But, Mohsin why do you apply for the transfer every year, the compensation, benefits, timing, culture everything is same in both the plants”. There prevailed an absolute silence. Mohsin broke the silence, “All are same, but the finance department is big there with lot many employees. I can perform more, I can shine more.” Maryam Says, “Ok Mohsin, now I understood your issue. Being the head finance I am giving my Pre-concern, If Mohsin applies for transfer next year I don’t have any issue in giving clearance to him”. HR Head was not convinced with the happenings because the fact is Maryam was the reason for his rejection of transfer. He recollected the conversation between him and Maryam on the transfer application of Mohsin Maryam says, “Anas, Mohsin is very dynamic. In very young age he is excelling well. I want to mold him in various financial aspects. If we put him in Sleek he may not get the exposure in all aspects as the department is big. Moreover”, Maryam continues, Junaid who is sub head of finance will get retired in 2 years. So I wish Mohsin to take over the position.” Now, Anas taught both Maryam and Mohsin are not in a situation to understand. So he planned that next day he will talk with both of them and make the things and intention of Maryam transparent.Anas was shattered the next day when he received the resignation letter from Mohsin stating that due to personal reasons he is resigning from  the job.Assignment Questions:  M.M.10Q1. Which concepts of HRM you can correlate this case with? (2.5M)Q2.According to you who is at a fault in the present case? (2.5M)Q3. What do you think Anas should do in such a situation? (2.5M)Q4. What are the factors do you think are important for organizations who want to retain the best talent and still be competitive in the present times?(2.5M)____________________________________________the conditions :There is no plagiarismA clear solution and mentioned all the catsDetermine the price from the beginning, not if you accept the request, raise the price

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