C programming, you must create the code described in the picture below. And given are two example executions of

Problem: Allow the user to enter a positive integer value to represent the seed value for the random numbergenerator. Next, generate a random integer that represents a possible number of points that a student may earn in agiven class (0 to a maximum of 1000 possible points). Calculate the corresponding letter grade that the studentwould receive based on the points earned using the minimums for each grade; A minimum 800, B minimum 675,C minimum 550, D minimum 425. In addition to letter grades the university requires instructors to report students that fail the class who were notfully participating during the semester. For this assignment that will be interpreted as having earned zero points.When this is the case a second character ‘ N ‘ is printed following the ‘ F ‘ grade. In all other cases the spacecharacter (ASCII 32) is displayed. Details on Random Number Generation: This problem requires the use of the random number generator asdiscussed in lecture and found in chapter 4 of your C programming text (see page 191). For it to be possible toreplicate our examples below your program must first accept a “seed” integer value from the user and use thatinteger (a single time) with the srand function. More information on how seeding works can found in example 4-13 of your C programming text. Example Execution #1:Enter the seed value —> 3344 Tetal Points Earned: 713Course Grade Earned: B Example Execution #2:Enter the seed value —> 193 Total Points Earned: 811Course Grade Earned: A