Business Model Canvas Step 9:

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Fill out another section for the business of your business model canvas: Cost StructureJust write down what you would actually write down for your business, in a way that your team will understand.

Business Model Canvas Step 9:

Important Cost Structures

Cost structure refers to all the costs that you incur to deliver on your business model. Keeping your costs under control is essential to maintain a healthy business.

2 Essential Cost Structure elements include:

  • Fixed Costs– which refer to all costs that you need to incur whether you sell or not. These could include factory, general administration staff, rent, management staff costs etc..
  • Variable Costs– which refer to costs that are associated with the sales of your products or services. The more you sell the more these costs would go up. Variable costs include things like the raw material for your products or cost of consultants that you would etc..

When you are starting up a business keeping the fixed costs as low as possible is essential so that you don’t run out of cash too quickly before you start selling enough products and services to cover your costs.