Below is the mechanical Engineering question. Please help me in detail to understand the concept better

30ft 3. The tank trailer above sees constant loads from tank pressure tank/fluid weight. At apoint on the bottom of the tank midway along the length the value of 0x (along the tankaxis) is 9.65 kpsi and the value of oz (SO-deg to the tank axis pointing out from the page)is 9.00 kpsi. The tank experiences fluctuating loads from uneven roads that change oxby 125% of the constant load value. The tank is made from type 316 sheet annealed stainless steel with an Ultimate TensileStrength of 90 ksi and a Yield Stress of 40 ksi. The point under consideration is on asection which sees ox caused by bending load, the size correction factor is 0.6. the steelis cold-rolled, operating temperature is below 450 C, and the design reliability is99.999%. The tank is not exposed to corrosion. a. Develop the mean and alternating von Mises stresses. b. Develop the Modified Goodman line for unlimited life. c. Calculate the safety factor using the Case 2 Basis (alternating stress can change)