We are preparing to hire 15 new university graduate students to join our company next year. As part of this initiative, we want to develop a new employee orientation/onboarding program. The program will be delivered in a three-day training and orientation event that our 15 new university graduate employees will participate in before going to their first day on the job. The goals of this program are: 1) introduce the organization, rules, and culture, 2) increase employee engagement and performance, and 3) increase employee retention.

As an intern, and since you are in the same age group as most of the new employees who will be participating, you are being asked to help the HR department develop this new program.

Usually, programs such as this have 5 steps:

1. Design

2. Develop

3. Implement (this you can’t do until we use the program, but

you can tell us where the training will be held, what you

will need (tables, laptops, tables, food, giveaways, etc.)

4. Evaluation

5. Assessment

Your task as an intern is to create this program (steps 1-5)

for our HR department. You may have to do some research online and check your notes and books from HR classes you took during your university career to create a program that meet the three goals mentioned above. Use your creativity and remember that the people who will be participating in the program are new university graduates without a lot of work experience and we want to connect with them.


Please submit an outline of the program with enough details to allow us to evaluate it and implement it. Your submission should be a professional document, which will be shared with the head of HR, minimum of 2 pages and maximum of 4 (double spaced, not including cover page).

Your submission should include, but is not limited to:

• Cover page

• Creative title for the training program

• Design- What events, speakers, and activities you will use • Evaluation and metrics -How will we evaluate the

quality/success of the program? And when (surveys,

testimonials, etc.)

• Material to be covered during the program (legal (sexual

harassment, Vision 2030, organizational structure, culture,

employee services, rules and regulations, etc.)

• How each content/material will be covered (lectures, guest

speakers, online training, group activities, etc.)


Submissions will be graded based on the following criteria:

Professionalism: This will be submitted to the head of HR it has to be a professional product.

Creativity: This event if for young university graduates, just sitting around and listening to people talk, won’t keep their attention, plus we want them to feel welcomed and engaged. Content: Make sure you are focused on the needed HR content to achieve the three goals mentioned.

Timely delivery: This is a work assignment and not delivering it on time will have penalties.