assignment. serivice performance marketing

I need some assistance with these assignment. serivice performance marketing Thank you in advance for the help! Levels of service performance are defined on the basis of two main principles: indicators related to results of the organization’s performance and indicators related to determinants of the results. Moreover, an introduction of innovations and improvement in the sphere of management and customers’ needs satisfaction are basic pillars of modern companies’ performance (Carraher et al, 2006). Service performance in the Eastern world companies Therefore, there are possible steps of service performance of the organizations: to compare real and expected performance levels of the organization, to define relevant actions, to take appropriate actions. Thus, for the first group such points as outputs of financial performance and to the second group belong such groups as quality, flexibility or innovation etc (Frock and Boadu, 2002). In the developing countries, there is a need to improve service performance of the organizations. It is very important for modern organizations to satisfy the customer’s needs as it is required by new market conditions (Carraher et al, 2006). It is convenient to assure certain degrees of stability of performance in the market, to guarantee reliability of the organization’s performance.