assignment. how does buy a cup of coffee from starbucks affect to the environment

I need some assistance with these assignment. how does buy a cup of coffee from starbucks affect to the environment Thank you in advance for the help! Relationship Between Independent and Dependent Variables In this methodology, dependent variable is Management of Municipal Solid Waste and independent variables are number of Starbucks stores, population, total food expenditure, recycling mandate and, corporation tax. Here the value of the dependent variable changes according to the change or variation in the independent variables. For example the management of the Municipal solid waste is related to the number of Starbuck stores in a city. Starbucks store is a variable that can affect the quantity of waste disposed in a particular locality .They are having a correlation relationship as both are strongly interconnected. And number of store result in an increases or decrease in the waste disposal and hence it is having a positive relationship with each other. Population also can directly affect the quantity of solid waste piled up in a locality and it can add job to the management of municipal solid waste .If the population increases or decreases, the waste disposed also increases or decreases so it shares a positive relationship with dependent variable. Total food expenditure does not directly affect the management of Municipal solid waste and is sharing a negative relationship with dependent variable. However , the recycling mandate is directly related with the dependent variable as the laws passed by the legislation can effect in increase or decrease in the work load of management of solid waste disposal. If a law restricts the Starbucks from disposing non recyclable materials, then it directly affects the dependent variable and hence it shares a positive relationship. Same is the case with the corporate tax as it is immediately affecting the revenue of the city and hence provides a financial assistance to the municipality in managing the solid waste disposal. So it shares a positive relationship with the management of municipal solid waste. Unit of the independent variables i) Starbuck Stores – The unit of this will be the size of the store or its seating availability. ii) Population – The density of population in a particular geographical area. iii)Total Food Expenditure – The monetary value of amount spend by people on food. iv) Recycling Mandate – The rate imposed by government on recycling materials. v) Corporation Tax – The monetary value of tax imposed by corporation on the store. Data Sources The data sources is mainly in the form of primary and secondary sources. The primary source is collected through interviews and questionnaire method. The employees of municipal waste disposal are interviewed and the customers of Starbucks are distributed with questionnaire to acquire information. The secondary sources are in the form of credible online sources. The website are as follows.,, Among these two are Government websites and one is the Starbuck’s website itself. Strength and Weakness of Data The strength of primary data like those collected from staff of management of Municipal waste management can be greatly relied upon. The weakness is that sometimes the officials can give false figures. The questionnaire form distributed to customer s can give correct information as there is no third party involved. But at times the customers can make error in providing information if they are in hurry or having loss of memory. The online sources are reliable but being secondary source can have limitation as the writer may not provide correct data in the website.