article The Audience Assignment. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article The Audience Assignment. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Every essay has a point to make, and the point is communicated to the potential audience and strives to instil some emotions or thought process into the people who are reading the article. therefore, the writer should bear in mind the people who read the essay so that he can chart out the point in an effective manner. The technique to writing an effective essay is to become one’s own audience at the time of writing the essay. Once the writer starts to write the essay, he should keep reviewing it so that he can know when he is making a mistake or how he should go about writing the essay so that the message is sent across easily and efficiently. Furthermore, he or she must be able to keep checking each and every paragraph of the essay and put himself or herself in another person’s shoes and comprehend from that point of view. If he or she is able to sense clarity within the essay, then the essay should go on. if not, then certain changes need to be made from the point of view of the targeted audience so that they will be able to understand the essay better. Every time that an author sets about to write a piece of persuasive text, the main thing to be kept in mind is who should be persuaded. Every essay is directed towards a particular group of people and aimed towards providing information to a particular aspect of society. If the author of the essay is able to persuade the minds of the targeted audience, then the main objective of the essay has been met. If not, then changes need to be made within the text in order to help the people understand what the essay is actually trying to say. For example, an essay on race cars would be directed at a particular group of people who are fanatics or contain a passion about the dynamics of racing and race cars. other people who have no idea about the same phenomenon will not be able to understand the point of the essay, no matter how hard they try, and will find it boring to read because of lack of understanding. Previously, two essays on personal reflection were written by me that were mainly aimed at a particular audience trying to understand the intricacies of writing essays and understanding grammar related to the same. The essay comprised comprehending personal reflection, prewriting strategies, as well as free-writing and focused writing etc, and could not have been understood by a lay man with no interest in writing essays or reading them. The second essay was directed towards an audience that would understand the need of having a child and how I felt when my first daughter was born. Not all types of audiences will be able to understand those emotions. thus, there was a specific type of people that could comprehend what I was trying to say within that essay. Simply speaking, it is important for any author to keep an audience in mind while writing an essay because the audience is the main object towards which the essay is to be delivered to. Every author wants his or her essays to be read by someone, appreciated, as well as criticised, and only a specific audience can do that for the author. The audience needs to be persuaded and made understood that the ideas within the essay written by the author are what he is trying to say and convey to other people with a view for them to inculcate the same within their lives.