Addresses Course Outcomes 4:

Addresses Course Outcomes 4:

  • recognize current and emerging technical challenges and areas of innovation inherent in the field of bioinformatics to target career opportunities and development

For Bioinformatics tools and emerging technologies assessment project you will

  1. Select one tool used in gene or protein annotation. Write a paragraph describing the bioinformatics purpose the tool serves and how it works. Perform the following assessments:
  • Functionality of the tool
  • Current issues with the tool
  • Foreseen challenges
  • Suggestions for improvements

Select one emerging bioinformatics technology. Write a paragraph describing the bioinformatics/medical or scientific research problem that the tool is addressing, how it is used in bioinformatics. Perform an assessment on:

  • Capability of the technology to solve the bioinformatics/medical/scientific research it is addressing
  • The distinction between this technology and the already existing technology that relatives performs similar tasks.
  • Obvious and foreseen challenges for the technology
  • Suggest any other tasks the technology needs to complete and additional features that would help the technology accomplish its mission.

Conclusion on the bioinformatics and scientific research that the tool and technology are addressing, their success, challenges and shortcomings.

General requirements for the project are: The project should have at least 3 pages and not more than 8 pages. The tool must not be the same as the technology selected. They must be discussed separately in two subsections each with an introduction paragraph.