A marketing proposal detailing considerations for a venture.

Gymshark is looking to add new children’s lines to its sports apparel range in the UK. The company currently sells a range of men and women sportswear. It has recently employed you as marketing officer. You have been tasked by the head of marketing department to write a 1500 word-marketing proposal detailing considerations for this new venture.
The proposal should cover the following: • Brief background on Gymshark—You would need to include the company’s mission, vision products, markets served and what differentiates its brands. You would need to provide reason and objective for entering the children’s sports apparel market in the UK. (20 marks) • Analysis and evaluation of the marketing environment highlighting key information and data that have been considered to support the new venture. Analytical tools addressing the macro-environment, industry and micro-environment should be used. (40marks) • Marketing strategy formulation — briefly recommend and justify specific marketing strategies and tactics that should be adopted by Gymshark for this new venture. What strategy formulation challenges would you highlight to the head of department? What suggestions would you provide to deal with the highlighted challenges and why?

Sample Solution