3090 ba mod 5


  1. Review the readings, resources, and lesson in this module.
  2. Include the items listed below:

Changing Behaviors

  • Outline how you understand the concept of Lewins (1947) theory of Unfreezing, Moving, and Refreezing in Armenakis et al. (2007), as applied to an example of your life and a change you had to undergo.
  • Explain the process from the Fig. 1 diagram on p. 235 in Armenakis et al (2007) in your own words, using an example of how it could be applied in a workplace.
  • Outline what you believe are attitudes and skills that are important to have to be able to deal with change at work in the future.

Organizational Change

  • Provide the definition and explanation of the term “organizational change” with a real-world example [see Tsoukas (2002)].
  • In Tsoukas (2002), they address the concept of how an organization deals with change on page 573. This page outlines information on why people do certain things in certain ways, at certain times. Provide your analysis of what is presented here on this page in relation to understanding how a person reacts to a change.

Types of Change

  • Outline what “episodic change” means and how it is applied by leaders in an organization.
  • Outline what “continuous change” means and how it is applied by leaders in an organization.
  • In Weick & Quinn (1999), the point is made that “planned change” is usually triggered by the failure of people to create an adaptive organization, based on Dunphy (1996). Provide your insight into what this means.
  • In Weick & Quinn (1999), the concept that change is a constant part of your environment or not is addressed. Do you believe that a global business must address this concept more than a local one? Why or why not?

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