300 words on thoughts of acts 1-3 and another 300 words on acts 4-5 so two different pages.

analyze any aspect of any of the texts assigned for that day (if there are multiple texts for this day, you may also choose to focus on one aspect that you identify in some or all of them, as long as you are specific). We will be discussing what analysis means in the readings for June 9th. I am not expecting anyone to be an expert on any of these texts. The purpose of this course is to introduce you (or, in some cases, maybe even re-introduce you) to some works of literature and guide you through the necessary tools to analyze any text you may come across, whether it is a play, a poem, a work of fiction, a speech, an excerpt from economic theory, an email, a memo, a billboard, etc. You are required to read all of these texts, then my posts about them on the Discussion Board (which will function as a surrogate for my lectures), and then provide your own responses. I will post my lecture notes at least 24 hours before your responses are due. YOU MAY CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING KINDS OF POSTS: Ø In your responses, you may want to respond to an interpretation I make, and either add something to it or challenge it. Whatever you do, you must be specific in your observations and quote the particular language of the text you are analyzing. Ø If you have a question about something in the text, then this is your opportunity to ask it (and either I or someone else in the class may respond to it). Ø You can also use this opportunity to start fleshing out ideas that you may want to elaborate on in your Close Reading Assignment. Ø Or, you may want to make an observation that links this text to another text on the syllabus. Ø If there are multiple texts assigned for a certain day, you may choose either to focus on one of them, or comment on a unifying thread between a few or all of them. I will leave this choice up to you.