1 Data Brief Sample Final Draft of Data Brief and Data Source


Data Brief Sample

Final Draft of Data Brief and Data Source Details

What is your project’s context?

My origin curiosity was more of a stakeholder intrigue. I am providing this data for my professors so this is not borne of my curiosity through personal intrigue, I was tasked with this by specific curiosity from my professors, but I did have freedom to choose a data source, but I couldn’t find a good one, so I am using one provided by my professors.

For my project circumstances, all factors/metrics seem to be relevant but, since having a focus is better, based on my target output which is, based on the world happiness data, do my factors affect the happiness on each country. So, with that in mind I decided to focus on, Healthy Life Expectancy at Birth, Life Ladder, Freedom to Make life Choices. Log GDP per capital.

I would say that my stakeholders are my professors this is due to them being the ones who assigned me with this task. They are the ultimate decision makers in whether my data visual is proper and effective and whether I get the grade or not. I am going to assume that my audience does not have any effect on my data, and they also have no prior information of it.

My constraints are that I have to deliver my data visual by December 11th, 2021. This gives me a time limit as a constraint. I also am doing this as academic research project so another constraint could be as a competition with my other peers, so this can be like, “Is my graph creating a more impactful point, is it easiest to understand etc.”

In terms of consumption this is more of a one-off thing where I won’t have to produce charts monthly or annually. however, points of discussion could be raised on automating certain points of my final graph so that it can automatically be renewed annually and be reused. Otherwise, I have a deadline for this assignment and will not be producing any more or updating it.

For my Deliverables: I am going to have to revise my dashboard and analysis presentation based on the feedback received. My analysis presentation needs to include at least one calculation that helps tell my story or give context to my story.

For my resources, since this is not a collaborated project, I do not have any other people whom the work will be distributed amongst to allocate or explain who will be doing what. Rather I am doing this alone so in terms of what I can and can’t do I haven’t found any constraints in my abilities as of yet. In terms of technology, I am using Tableau, and this is helping me because I am able to put in thousands of records of data and it is able to effectively give me sums and produce whatever calculations I need.


I would say that my audience are my professors and my peers, so the details I would have on my audience are that in terms of my professors they are the ones issuing my deliverables and what I need to specifically have done by the deadline. In terms of my peers, I would say that the only details I have is that they will be reviewing my final deliverables and providing feedback on which I must change or improve my work. I don’t have any other details about my audience.

I think that my audience impacts my work as a data visualization designer because I will have to make it in a way that is easy to read and comprehend and make sure to use the right colors and visuals. Using wrong or confusing colors can lead to confusion and it will be hard to understand what I am presenting, which also leads to my point about not adding too many factors to my data visualization because that will just be overkill and I won’t be able to properly make a graph that conveys my story and what I am aiming to gain or have my audience gain from reading my graph. Also, in terms of impacting, if my audience does not get the message that I am trying to portray through my data visualization then it could lead to negative feedback from my peers and bad grades from my professors.

In terms of how my audience impacts my work as an analysis presenter, since I am not presenting it in-person or virtually, I don’t have to weigh in factors such as formal dressing, Attitude, my background (in virtual meeting), and how my speech. I will also have to find the most effective way to present it. However even without these things, I will need to make sure my presentation is well formatted and has necessary and engaging information. It should have the appropriate details and arguments or calculations to validate my story, with these things in mind my audience can give feedback or grades based on how they saw my presentation and whether it was easy to read and understand through that they can impact my final deliverable and it will weigh what final grade I also receive.

Data Set

For my Data set, since I have many metrics to work with I will be using the 4 which I specified in my project circumstances these are the relevant data set information’s that I will need to formulate my final deliverables so by limiting my data to these points I am able to focus on those aspects to then make an argument or present my story through a presentation and a data visualization.


I encountered issues when getting my data sources in the beginning because I had intended on a different source, but I came to see that it didn’t have enough metrics and I also had the same issue with my second data source, however I was able to get a source that has enough metrics as well as enough rows of data per metric. I also had a few issues opening it in Tableau and setting it up but once I spent time on it, I was able to get my data to be inserted into tableau. Other than that, I didn’t encounter any other issues while working with my data source.


Data Source Name: World Happiness

Total # of records (rows): 1949

Dimensions you plan to use: Country name

Metrics you plan to use:

Healthy Life Expectancy at birth, Life Ladder, Freedom to make life choices, Log GDP per capital


World happiness

Chart: Line chart showing world Happiest Country

Chart: Line chart showing Healthy Life Expectancy at Birth

Chart: Line chart showing freedom to Make Life Choice vs Generosity from 2010 to 2020

Chart: Line chart showing world Happiness vs GDP and Healthy Life Expectancy

Chart: Line chart showing world countries with positive and negative effect between 2017 and 2020

Analysis Presentation

1-sentence summary of what your analysis will focus on:

Analysis of based on the world happiness data, do my metrics affect the happiness on each country.

List the specific questions you will ask/answer with your analysis:

Compare Healthy life expectancy at birth over different countries

What is the trend over time for GDP per capital in each country?

Is there a relationship between Freedom to make life choices and Life ladder?

Do different countries have major differences in log GDP per capital?

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